Afghan faces

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    Pictures taken in Badghis, Sheberghan, Bamyan, Chamali, Istalef, Kabul, Jelalabad, (NW, Center, East of the country)


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    On the way from Bagram to Kabul - Bamyan - Band e Amir-

A Shia School in Kabul

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    April 2009 - Dart e Barchee district, Kabul, Afghanistan. Some girls from the school have participated in the riots against the Shia Law signed by President Karzai and approved by the Parliament. To make a long story short, some articles in the law transforms Shia women into slaves of their husband.

French Army in Afghanistan

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    Warehouse Military Camp, Jelalabad road, Kabul, April 2009- Surobee Valley, east of Kabul & Kandahar military base, southern region, November 20 - Kapisa Province, August 2009

Afghanistan embeds with the US Army

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    November 2007. Embed to the 209th US Army Corps, working as ETT for the ANA in RC North. From Mazar-e-Shareef, through Maymaneh, to Badghees (Turkmenistan border). June 2009. Embed to the security patrol and the AD Team. RC East. Bagram district.